Table Centrepieces

Looking to spruce up your big day or corporate bash?

We’re Event Central, your go-to event experts!  Check out our fantastic range of table centrepieces.

Our fantastic range of table centrepieces are an absolute game-changer for weddings, parties, and business gatherings.

Whether you’re after some classic blooms, modern vibes, or themed wonders, our team’s got your back. We’re all about making your event unforgettable, and our table centrepieces are the cherry on top. Dive into our centrepiece gallery and find that perfect match to jazz up your event’s style and theme. Let’s create some unforgettable moments together with Event Central!

Branded Centrepieces

Give your brand the spotlight and make a real impact on your guests with custom-made centrepieces that match your style. Our team crafts these beauties with precision, blending your brand’s vibe right into your event. Be it a corporate bash, a wedding, or any special do, our Branded Centrepieces add that extra wow factor. They’re all about creating those unforgettable moments that really connect with your crowd. Choose Event Central for the coolest Branded Centrepieces in town and make your event stand out!

Floral Centrepieces

Let’s spruce up your special events with Event Central’s fabulous Floral Table Centrepieces. We’re all about turning weddings, corporate event, and parties into memories to cherish. Our centrepieces? Totally flexible! We work closely with you to create floral arrangements that match your vibe and theme. Whether you’re into timeless elegance, modern cool, or rustic charm, we’ve got it covered. Our team crafts these beauties to wow your guests and set the perfect mood. So, trust Event Central to give your event that unforgettable floral touch!

Lit In Colour Centrepieces

Elevate your event with exquisite, Light up table centrepieces from Event Central. As your trusted events specialist, we are proud to offer these stunning focal points that’ll transform any occasion into a masterpiece. Whether you’re planning a wedding, corporate gathering, or a milestone celebration, our light up table centrepieces add a touch of sophistication and elegance. With endless options for customisation, you can tailor each centrepiece to match your unique theme and vision. Let Light up creations illuminate your event, leaving a lasting impression on your guests. Explore our range today and make your tables shine with unparalleled beauty.

Themed Centrepieces

If you’re on the hunt for something special, check out our Themed Centrepieces. They’re like the chameleons of decorations, totally customisable to match any event vibe. Whether it’s a wedding, a swanky corporate bash, or a laid-back birthday party, our centrepieces bring that touch of class and charm to your space. We’ve put loads of love and creativity into making sure they’re real showstoppers. So why not let Event Central sprinkle some magic on your event? Your guests will be talking about it for ages!

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