Turn your event into a visual masterpiece with Event Central's fantastic Event Draping services

We’ve got drapes in a stunning array of colours allowing you to customize your decor to perfection.

Our room draping will give your venue that extra touch of class and make your event decor pop.

Whether it’s a wedding, corporate get-together, or any special party, our professional team ensures meticulous attention to detail, creating an unforgettable atmosphere. With Event Central, your event will be a seamless blend of elegance and style, leaving lasting memories.
Choose us for unparalleled draping expertise and turn your vision into reality.

Entrance Draping

Event Central are experts at transforming ordinary entrances into extraordinary focal points. Picture this: your event’s entrance, decked out in fabulous draping that comes in a dazzling range of colours. It’s not just any draping; it’s the kind that sets the vibe for any bash, from weddings to work dos. Our team, experts in the art of transforming spaces, make sure it’s all installed to perfection. Let’s turn your entrance into a showstopper, creating an atmosphere that’ll have everyone talking. Get ready to make a grand entrance with Entrance Draping from Event Central, where colour and style come together for unforgettable events!

Themed Draping

If you’re on the hunt for some seriously cool Themed Draping to jazz up your event, look no further than Event Central. We’ve got this fantastic range of drapes in all sorts of snazzy colours that can match any kind of shindig you’re throwing. Whether it’s a wedding bash, a fancy corporate do, or just a good old-fashioned get-together, our awesome team will sort you out with drapes that fit your vibe to a tee. We’re all about those little details that make your event pop and leave your guests wowed. Check out our selection and let’s make your event one to remember!

Draping Gallery

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