Giant Letters & Numbers

Get ready to turn up the wow factor at your events with our awesome Giant Letters & Numbers

Our giant letters and numbers don't just light up the place... they create an absolutely magical atmosphere that sticks with you.

These ain’t your average props… they’re the life and soul of the party.
Elevate the fun factor and style quotient at your next bash!

Giant Letters

Get ready to jazz up your event with our incredible Giant Letters! We’re Event Central, your go-to event experts, and we’ve got something really special in store. 
Whether you’re planning a wedding, corporate bash, or a big shindig, our Giant Letters bring the ‘wow’ factor. They sparkle with lights, spelling out your message, brand, or initials, making every moment unforgettable.
Elevate your event with our Giant Letters, and watch them light up your celebration, setting the stage for some amazing memories!”

Giant Numbers

Hey there, party people!
We’re Event Central, the party experts, and we’ve got something super cool to make your party unforgettable. 
These Giant Numbers don’t just sit there, they light up the whole shebang! Imagine the vibes when these numbers start glowing – it’s pure magic. Weddings, birthdays, office bashes – you name it, they’ll light it up. Don’t miss out, give your event that extra sparkle with our Giant Numbers, exclusive to Event Central. 

Giant Letters & Numbers Product Gallery

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