Turn any event into a dazzling show with Event Central's versatile Light Panels and Uplighters.

We've got the lighting magic to make your event a treat for the eyes.

Illuminate your vision and make your event absolutely unforgettable with Event Central!

Light Panels

Get ready to take your gatherings to the next level with our awesome Light Panels.
We’re all about turning your occasions into something truly special, and our Light Panels are here to make that happen. 
Event Central’s Light Panels aren’t just lights; they’re the key to creating immersive experiences and lasting memories.
Incorporate Light Panels that matches your event’s style – from the adrenaline rush of Maverick to the sophistication of Bond or the dazzle of Vegas. 


 Our cutting-edge lighting solutions let you paint your event with a rainbow of colours. Whether it’s a wedding, a corporate bash, or a big party, our uplighters are like your personal canvas. Light up your space with all sorts of colours to match your vibe, theme, or brand. These eco-friendly LED uplighters create an atmosphere that wows guests and sets the mood just right. At Events Central, we’re not just event pros; we’re all about creating the perfect vibe. Discover endless lighting possibilities with our customisable uplighters. 

Lighting Product Gallery

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