Real Ice Melts

The stunning masterpiece will be the talk of your event amazing your guests as it all happens right in front of their eyes.

Give your event an extra wow-factor with our Real Ice Melts.

At your next event let us make your tables 'The Centre Of Attention' with the greatest table centrepiece of them all...The Real Ice Melt Table Centre.

A sphere of real ice sitting on a glass pedestal in the very top of the vase, through the night right in front of your guests this ball of ice melts with droplets falling over the hand carved icicles into a clear pool of water at the bottom of the vase.

We can also add your logo, branding or theme as you can see with our skier to your vases. This versatile table centre can even have a diamond in the bottom of the vase.

WOW- Imagine all of this lit in the colour of your choice.

Real Ice Melts Product Gallery

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