Green Thinking

Listed below are just some of our Green Thinking initiatives at Event Central.

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Sustainable Events

Event Central wants to create sustainable, green smart events. We are constantly striving to hone our practices to ensure a greener future for as many elements of the event industry that we can influence.

Many of our products are designed and created in house in our eco-friendly workshop. Where possible we custom make your designs to your specifications incorporating your logo & branding when required.

As we design and manufacture as many products as possible locally, they have much less transport and carbon footprint than those imported from the Far East & America.

Our Green Thinking Policy

Someday we will be a fully carbon neutral company, however we are not there yet in the meantime one of our core values is to be fully green as fast as possible, in achieving this our team are fully invested in re-thinking our products while re-using, recycling & repairing as many of our products as is possible.

Our Green thinking Journey... progress to date

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