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How to Choose your Perfect Corporate Event Venue

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Start the planning process as early as possible. You’re much more likely to get your preferred date and venue for your Corporate Event Venue.

Involve your guests

Send out a poll with a list of preferred dates to your guests. Not only does it give you an early indication of guest numbers, but you can also get a sense of any dietary restrictions that might need to be catered for. Getting feedback from your guests about likes and dislikes from previous events and offering teaser information on potential themes, will ensure that excitement for the Event begins to build and that any dress code required can be adhered to accordingly.


When it comes planning corporate events, budgeting can often present the biggest challenge. Last minute or unplanned expenses can drive up costs significantly. Don’t worry. A good relationship with an event management team will ensure that you’ll be immediately informed of any changes in expenses and offer suggestions on how to avoid them, or why a budget increase may be necessary. It’s also wise to retain an emergency fund. If you don’t need it, great! You’ve come in under budget. If you do need to dip into it, you’ve saved yourself the embarrassment of being over budget.


When considering a venue, there are lots of things to consider. Does it cater for the number of guests you’re having? Are there any strict dress codes that will need to be adhered to and does this fit with your chosen theme? Do they allow external vendors on to the premises? Is it easy for your guests to access? There’s a lot to consider. A good event planner will have an excellent relationship with a number of different venues and will be able to take a lot of the stress away.


Choosing a theme for corporate events can be a great way to build excitement and to foster team building. From the Great Gatsby, Harry Potter and the Oscars, to Circus, Winter Wonderland and Casino, we’ve seen and dressed them all. When choosing your theme, consider what your budget allows for and prioritise. Maybe it’s a full room design complete with, full room draping & uplighting, centrepieces, linens and Chiavari chairs, the choice is yours. Feeling overwhelmed? That’s Ok. We can help. Contact us for a complimentary consultation and we’ll be delighted to discuss your requirements.

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